Fun88 Sign Up Offer

You know a bookie is prepared to thrill you when it has “fun” in its name. Admittedly, Fun88 doesn’t fall short of the merry expectations its name sets.

Founded in June 2009, this bookie is one of the oldest faces in the Australian market. Fun88 belongs to Welton Holdings Limited.

The latter is a renowned name in the information security, online and platform engineering, big data, and information technology industry.

Their popular products and services offered in the Australia include casino offerings, live games, virtual sports, safer gaming, and sportsbook.

Before we dive right into the bonus packages this bookmaker presents, let us add that this bookie offers a wide variety of sports to stake on.

Football, American football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, rugby union and league, and motorsport feature among Fun88’s biggest sports market.

They also offer eSports, which gives them an edge over some of the online bookmakers on the  market.

Is Fun88 welcome bonus legit?

From our decades of experience reviewing Australia bookies, we have seen that only legit bookies can offer legit bonuses.

Effectively, the question about the legitimacy of Fun88 bonuses can be best answered by examining the reliability and safety of the bonus provider itself: Fun88.

Fun88 is licensed and regulated by the Australian Gambling Commission (AUGC) in Australia. They operate under account number 38898.

It goes without saying that any bookie with a AUGC license is compelled to maintain the highest levels of transparency and fairness in their  practices.

Fun88 will not risk losing their prized AUGC license, meaning they would think twice (and even more) before offering you any unscrupulous bonus offer.

The other question is: will accessing Fun88’s bonuses expose your sensitive private information?

The answer is a loud NO.

Fun88 is powered by TGP Europe Ltd, one of Europe’s most prestigious online gaming platforms. TGP Europe Ltd uses SSL encryption to safeguard and secure its payment gateways.

This helps keep your cards and account data safe and uncrackable by data thieves. The platform is also decked with firewalls to prevent hackers and other intrusive actions from causing users harm.

Another uncontested proof of Fun88’s reliability is the magnitude and reputation of the sports institutions it sponsors.

One of the most historic English Premier League football clubs, Newcastle, has Fun88 emblazoned proudly on its major jersey. There is no way a club as honorable as Newcastle would have a shady bookie stamped on their jersey.

Fun88 had also been Tottenham Hotspur’s Asian  partner and also the official  partner of the CPL T20.

Ultimately, Fun88 bonuses are reputable and worth jumping on!

How to claim the Fun88 sign up offer

As is the norm in every Australia bookmaker, the first to getting your bonuses is signing up and making a deposit.

Fun88 offers simple, actionable steps to open and set up your account easily, either on desktop or mobile.

To begin, click on the ‘Join’ button on the top right corner of the screen. Click on ‘Continue’ to move to the next page, where you will find a three-step registration process to get your account up and running.

In the three-step registration process, you will be faced with inputting your personal data, which include your name, address, and contact details will be covered in the first and second step.

In the third step, input your account information (excluding your bank or card details), create your account password, opt-in for marketing and special offers (optional), and agree to the terms and conditions.

When you are done with the three-step registration form, you can click on ‘Create my account’.

You might be sent an OTP to verify your phone number. Get the OTP and continue the prompt. In seconds, you will have your new account opened.

After opening your account, the next thing to do is verify your account. To do this, proceed to the verification option in your account settings.

When on that page, you will find the required documents needed to get our account verified.

Proof of Identity (which can either be your passport, driver’s license, or national identity card) would be needed. You will also need to provide proof of residency, which could be a utility bill that shows your contact address.

Fun88 £28 welcome Offer | Promo Code

At the time of writing this article, Fun88 does not offer new players in the Australia any welcome bonus.

We must state that this is a temporary blip as we know Fun88 gives some of the most generous welcome freebies.

Specifically, the most recent welcome offer from Fun88 was enticing, to say the least. The bonus was worth £28 and was available to only new users who made a ten-pound min deposit and stake £10 on six games.

This means new customers who satisfy the erstwhile conditions got bonus token worth up to £28, which should be used within five days.

We are confident Fun88 is cooking something nice for new Australia customers (with the modest qualifying bet requirement)– and will be rolling that out soonest.

Nonetheless, the lack of a welcome offer (or the termination of the previous £28 offer) also comes with some tasty perks. Among these perks is being free of any rollover or wagering requirement that is tied to this bonus.

In other words, you are able to dive into any Fun88 gambling products without any restricting wagering policies.

Fun88 Acca bonus boost

For what Fun88 lacks in a dedicated welcome sports bonus, it adequately makes up for via its Acca Boost (or combo) bonus. You don’t need a promo code for this offer.

This special combo boost is a way to get rewards on combined bets. To get this boost, you must stake on a minimum of 5 games with a minimum of odds of 1/5 (1.2 per game).

You will be rewarded based on the number of games you add to your  slip. For this offer, there is a minimum extra winning (which is 3%) and a maximum extra winning (which is 20%). There is no qualifying bet settlement requirement.

So, if you make five bets, you will be rewarded with 3% extra winnings. Six qualifying bets will get you 6% extra winnings and seven games will give you 8% more winnings, and eight stakes will earn you 10% extra winnings.

Furthermore, nine will give you 15%, and you place more than ten games, you will be rewarded with 20% extra winnings.

When placing a combo bet, you will find the ‘Extra Winnings’ listing on your bet slip that shows how much extra you will be earning (in monetary value) if you place your bet.

Here is something spectacular about this bonus.

If a bet in your slip is rendered void, your slip will still be considered for this bonus.

But on the downside, the game odds will be recalculated, and the percentage of your extra winnings could drop to the new value of your odds.

Tote Sportsbook Combo boost bonus Tips

First of all, you need to be sure that your combo bet fulfills all the conditions. If not, you will not find the ‘Extra winnings’ label listed on your bet slip and not win any bonus prize.

To start, checking the minimum odds (minimum of odds per selection 1/5 (1.2 per game) is the most important thing to consider before drafting your slip.

It can be hard work putting your slip together, and then notice that you never compiled your  slip with the min odds in mind.

Another thing to be aware of is that your combo bet will not qualify for the bonus if you stake with a bonus or promotion.

If you are always skeptical about the games and hit ‘cash out’ before the games end, you won’t get the most out of your  bonus.

Just as you would earn less than you would have originally cashed out at the end of the game, you will also earn a low extra win from your combo bonus equal to your reduced odds at withdrawal.

Can bonus bets be void on Fun88?

It is within Fun88’s jurisdiction to void your bet. Void bets are referred to canceled games or results.

Therefore, if your qualifying bet for a bonus offer (or a bet you make with bonus funds) is void, Fun88 cancels that bet and returns your bet credits to your account.

For virtual events like eSports, server damages and other major computational issues could arise and vastly disrupt the operations of a set virtual event.

Aside from these natural incidences, Fun88 voids bets mostly when users stake bonus funds on games outside the range Fun88 stated bets must be used on.

If you stake on multiple matches with your bonus funds and one (or more of these matches) end up voided, Fun88 will automatically take that match off your slip, and the odds will be recalculated down to a new figure.

If you had running bonuses that depended on the size of your odds, the extra winnings or rewards would also be recalculated according to the worth of your current odd size.

Fun88 website usability relating to bonus accessibility

When it comes to website usability, Fun88 did a great job by offering a simplified and butterfly-smooth user experience. Ultimately, this allowed us to access and maximize Fun88’s betting offers seamlessly.

The website looks clean, and the elements are spaced out nicely, which doesn’t crowd the screen. This made navigation and reading easy.

Fun88 curates its ongoing promotions on the heart of its homepage. The sliding banners reveal the range of ongoing offers from the sports  markets to casino offers.

Speaking of readability, the light blue, black, and white color scheme makes it easy for texts and objects to be spotted easily.

Texts are also not jampacked on your screen, and there is a good use of headers. When it comes to navigation, the prompts directing to the next steps are also easy to follow.

The navigation bar is not crowded, and we like how the important features are labeled to make navigation quick and less complicated.

In all, Fun88’s website user experience is top notch. It is fluid and doesn’t worry the eyes. There are no pop-ups that cause distractions, and the load time is satisfactory.

Fun88 Bet builder Facility

Fun88’s Bet Builder is a fantastic tool that lets you combine multiple sports markets into one bet slip.

This enables you to significantly boost potential winnings from your stakes while aggregating bets across a multiplicity of markets.

This tool is only available for use in selected sports and events, and it can only accommodate a maximum of 6 selections.

The bet builder tool is vastly used in basketball and football events. It lets you mix up games from the NBA to the English Premier League and across to build up just one bet.

With this tool, you can also build your bet from options like bookings, match results, corners, goals, total points, assists, rebounds, goals, and many other options across many sports.

To use the bet builder for the first time, head over to choose the sport and event you want to place a bet on. If you see the bet builder option pop up on the top bar, select it.

With this builder, you will be able to have two or up to six markets on a sporting event compressed into a single bet selection.

How much can you win from bonus funds on Fun88?

Should you go on to bet with winnings from your free bet, bear in mind that this bookie has maximum limits to possible winnings you can accrue on the platform daily.

There is no definitive pay-out limit here, as the limits vary across each sport betting market. For example, the highest you can win on a football bet on this platform is £50,000.

This is applicable to all football leagues. This limit applies to horse racing bets.

For virtual and esports, this bookie doesn’t allow you to win more than £10,000 in one day.

The pay-out limit for golf fixtures on this sportsbook is pegged at £50,000.

Let us move on to the maximum pay-outs for bookie’ casino offerings

Fun88 casino pay-out limits

Fun88 Australia, like any online casino, has pay-out limits for its games. These limits vary depending on the specific game and pay-out method used. The maximum pay-out limit for casino table games, live casino games, and slot machines is £50,000.

However, these limits do not apply to progressive jackpot winnings, which can be significantly higher at £100,000.

It is worth noting that pay-outs for progressive jackpots may take up to 30 days to be paid out in full. Overall, Fun88 Australian’s pay-out limits are considered to be reasonable, as they allow for substantial winnings without causing problems for players.

While the limits are not the highest in the betting industry, they are still in line with industry standards and are designed to encourage bettors to play responsibly.

Players should always read the T&Cs associated with specific games or pay-out methods to fully understand the pay-out limits and any additional requirements for pay-outs.

Fun88 social media bonus promos

Fun88 also offers social media bonus promos that users can earn on social media. These social media bonuses are periodic, and information relating to prize size, closing dates, and qualification criteria is typically publicized on Fun88’s social media channels.

However, there is a template of instructions that commonly applies across most of the Fun88 social media bonuses we have seen.

You are only allowed one entry for one social media bonus promo. But in case there is more than one social media bonus promotion running, you can participate in all of them unless there is an instruction not to.

Within a 12-month interval, you can only win a maximum of 5 prizes. If you win a social media bonus promo, you will be notified via a direct message on social media on the first weekday (excluding bank holidays) right after the promotion closing date.

Your prize for the concluded promotion will be communicated to you through a direct message from the Fun88 official Australia social media account.

Keep in mind that if you do not claim your prize within 24 hours of being contacted on social media via direct message by the Fun88 Australia official account, the prize will be revoked.

And again, Fun 88 holds the right to render any participating account void or suspend you from participating in future social media bonus promotions if you violate the t & cs of any social media bonus promotion.

You can always contact customer support if you need more detailed information on ongoing or upcoming social media promos.

Fun88 Deposit and withdrawal methods

Qualifying deposits for Fun88 welcome offers can only be made via Visa. Yes, we can’t deny that this is inhibiting.

Well, the compensation is that the process is safe, quick, and effortless. To pay in with your Visa card on their online payment portal, you will need to have your Visa card details on hand.

You may also be required to fill out a 3DSecure (3DS) questionnaire, which usually lasts a few seconds.

The 3DS verification safeguards your card from being used without your permission. Fun88 recommends that you use the ‘Notes’ or ‘Greeting’ field on the 3DS screen to add a message pop-up that should help you remember your password.

The least amount you can pay into your account is ten pounds, while the highest is two thousand pounds. On the other hand, the least amount you can withdraw is ten pounds.

Fun88 observes strict anti-money laundering regulations, compelling you to use the specific method (you deployed for payment) for withdrawal.

The implication? If you have been able to make deposits using a non-Australia Visa card, you will not be able to receive your withdrawals back to the same card.

You will need to get a Australia Visa card or discuss with Fun88 customer care to send your withdrawals in an alternative payment method.

How credible are Fun88 casino bonuses?

While we have largely covered Fun88’s sports-related bonuses, you may be curious about the viability and transparency of Fun88’s casino bonuses.

To sufficiently answer this, we will look at two critical aspects of Fun88’s casino offerings: their RTP and the integrity of Fun88’s casino software providers.

Fun88 RTP

A bookie’s RTP determines how profitable its games are. Fun88 impressed us with its RTPs.

The Return To Player (RTP) rates that Fun88 offers are spread across a number of virtual games and slots games.

Fun88’s table, live, and natural card games have the highest RTP, which usually ranges from 98-100%.

Meanwhile, Fun88’s slot games usually have RTP lower than the card games. Jackpot games are the least in RTP value, but their rewards are huge when a player wins the jackpot.

In the virtual sports category, there are lots of sports and markets with different RTPs.

In the virtual football category (with markets like halftime scores, total goals, handicap, and first goal), has RTP ranging from 107-154%.

For virtual tennis, markets like the correct score in a set and the total number of games in set 3 have RTP ranging from 109-120%.

On the other hand, you can check out the virtual basket ball which has markets like Half Time, Winning Margin, Team Totals for RTP ranging from 108-118%.

Are Fun88 Odds worth the bonuses?

It makes little sense to jump on an attractive bookie bonus offer when the bookie’s odds are spectacularly poor.

The good news is that Fun88’s odds were modest, making its bonuses worth the while. Candidly, we can’t say they were the best we have seen. But the odds were fairly competitive.

From what we saw, Fun88’s appeared to reserve its best odds were better for its horse racing and football markets–predominantly English Premier League (EPL) football markets. This is not uncommon among Australia bookies, as these games are the arguable favorites of Australia punters.

When it comes to the EPL, Fun88’s odds ranged between 103.5% and 104%.

For example, a football match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Fun88 gave punters odds of 2.00 for Liverpool to win, while the generality of bookies in the Australian market was offering odds around 1.95.

Similarly, Fun88 provided 3.50 odds for a draw, while Bet365 offered 3.40. These differences may seem small, but they can make a big difference for bettors looking for the best value in the long run.

Aside from football and horse racing, Fun88’s odds were cool in sports markets like basketball, ice hockey, and tennis.

Which Fun88 sports markets can you use bonus on?

Fun88 has a broad spectrum of  markets. This cuts across niches like snooker, darts, and cycling as well as major sports like football, basketball, tennis, and cricket.

For football, Fun88 provides  markets for a variety of leagues, including the EPL, the Bundesliga, and La Liga.

The odds are impressive for football submarkets like match’s outcome, the accurate score, and the number of goals scored.

In addition, Fun88 provides options for handicap  and over/under stakes, which let users wager on a game’s winning margin or the total number of goals scored.

Understandably, Fun88 provided the fattest  opportunities for major football leagues like the EPL, FIFA World Cup, and UEFA Champions League.

For basketball, Fun88 serves a wide range of markets covering leagues such as the NBA, EuroLeague, and FIBA World Cup. In addition to the standard  options of a match-winner and point spread, Fun88 also provides markets for total points, half-time scores, and quarter markets.

Fun88 provides  markets on historic tennis competitions like the Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

That said, we always recommend you check which games on which bonus bets do not qualify.

Does Fun88 provide exclusive bonus offers on Newcastle matches?

This is one question we get asked regularly. While Fun88 is the official  partner of Newcastle United Football Club (and principal jersey sponsor), they do not offer specific bonuses or promotions that are exclusively tied to Newcastle matches.

On the other hand, online bookies like Dafabet, who are the official sponsor of Bournemouth FC, have been known to offer exclusive bonuses and promotions for Bournemouth matches.

For example, Dafabet might offer a free bet or enhanced odds on Bournemouth matches to their customers.

The majority of bookies that support sports teams or events do this. They frequently utilize their sponsorship to interact with fans of the team or sport and provide special credits stake offer to encourage wagering.

Nevertheless, Fun88 continues to provide its users with various promotions and benefits, like sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses on particular events or matches.

These incentives are open to all consumers who match the eligibility conditions and are not connected to any particular team or event.

Does Fun88 give enhanced odds bonuses?

Yes, Fun88 provides enhanced odds bonus packages on selected sports events, including football, basketball, and tennis.

Enhanced odds promotions are designed to provide customers with better value for their stakes by offering higher odds than the standard odds on offer.

Fun88 does offer enhanced odds on selected sports events, including football, basketball, and tennis. Enhanced odds promotions are designed to provide customers with better value for their stakes by offering higher odds than the standard odds on offer.

For example, let’s say that the standard odds for a football match between Arsenal and Liverpool are 3.0 for Arsenal to win and 2.0 for Chelsea to win.

With an enhanced odds promotion, Fun88 might offer odds of 4.5 for Arsenal to win the first half or on a specific time when a goal is scored (say 8.0 for an Arsenal goal to be scored in the 88th minute.)

Ultimately, this provides customers with a higher pay-out if their wager is successful.

Enhanced odds promos often have a time restriction and particular requirements that must be satisfied in order to be eligible.

Customers would, for instance, need to wager a minimum amount or do so within a certain window of time in order to be eligible for the higher odds offer.

Fun88 also offers enhanced odds on parley stakes. With a combo bet, the pay-out increases with each additional selection that is added to parley stakes.

Fun88’s enhanced odds parley promotions offer even higher pay-outs than standard parley stakes, providing customers with an opportunity to win big on their stakes.

Does Fun88 give Player Special boosts?

Fun88 provides player special stakes offers, which allow customers to stake on specific outcomes related to individual players. This is a sort of enhanced odds package tied to individual player events –instead of general team outcomes.

These types of stakes are popular in sports such as football and basketball, where individual players can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match.

For instance, Fun88 may provide gamers with exclusive wagers on a football game between Chelsea and Manchester United.

Customers may be able to wager on outcomes like the number of goals scored by a particular player, the player who scores the game’s opening goal, or the number of yellow or red cards a particular player receives.

Therefore, you can see boosted Player Specials like 12/1 for Gabriel Jesus to score the first goal, 22/1 for Ben White to score, or even 40/1 for Martin Ødegaard to be issued the first yellow card of the game.

As you can see, these are boosted odds for specific player outcomes. The juicier part about these bonuses on Fun88 is that they come without wagering requirements.

This means you can withdraw earnings as soon as the specific outcome is fulfilled.

In addition to football, Fun88 player special stakes on other sports, such as basketball and tennis. Customers might be able to bet on outcomes such as the number of points scored by a specific player, the number of rebounds or assists in a basketball game, or the number of aces served by a tennis player.

It’s important to note that player special stakes can be riskier than traditional stakes, as they rely heavily on the performance of individual players.

Customers should always do their research and consider factors such as player form, injuries, and the team’s tactics before placing a bet on a player special.

How can you maximize your Fun88 bonus?

Over the years, we have seen that most customers instinctively jump on a bookie offer without even peeping out the T&Cs.

Regrettably, they find out too late –possibly after paying in funds and making the qualifying bet– that the bonus doesn’t exactly suit their situation.

If you want to make the best of your bonuses on a bookie’s platform, the first step is poring through the T&Cs carefully to understand the requirements and restrictions that apply.

This can help you avoid any unexpected surprises or disappointments. There are often specified qualifications needed to qualify for bonus offers.

For instance, in order to qualify for a bonus, you might need to make a min deposit or wager via selected payment platforms. Paying funds in with a divergent method could disqualify you.

Certain bonus deals require you to input a bonus code while paying in or placing a wager. To receive the bonus offer, make sure you input the right bonus code.

To enhance your chances of winning when staking with Fun88 bonuses, bet on markets you are sufficiently acquainted with.

This gives you insider knowledge of the peculiarities of such markets, ultimately boosting your chance of winning.

Does Fun88 have a welcome casino bonus?

Currently, Fun88 has no welcome casino bonus. But don’t be too quickly put off; the bookie provides a large collection of lucrative slot games and progressive jackpot opportunities.

Some of these jackpots come with the winnable bonus amount running up to a hundred thousand pounds.

The live games also provide a genuine and engaging gaming experience with real-time gameplay and live dealers.

While there may not be a specific welcome bonus at the moment, customers can still enjoy these games and potentially win big on their stakes.

Fun88 casino software providers

The prestigious reputation of Fun88’s sofware providers is another resounding reason why its bonuses are worth it.

The casino part of Fun88 includes game titles from some of the best software developers on the market, including NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming.

These companies are popularly known for their high-performing games and outstanding features, and they give Fun88 consumers a wide number of games to choose from.

Microgaming is renowned for its broad assortment of top-notch slot machines and table games. Also, it stands as one of the first and most reputable software developers in the market. NetEnt is another well-liked supplier that is renowned for its unique features and gorgeous game design.

Evolution Gaming specializes in live casino games with live dealers and real-time action, offering a compelling and realistic gaming experience. Playtech is also a developer that provides a wide range of games, such as slots, table games, and live games.

Does Fun88 have reward and loyalty freebies

As of now, Fun88 does not offer any reward or loyalty freebies for its casino or sportsbook  customers. However, it is always possible that Fun88 may introduce such freebies in the future to reward its loyal customers and attract new ones.

It’s worth noting that while Fun88 does not currently offer loyalty or reward freebies, it does offer other types of promotions and freebies. These include welcome cashback offers and enhanced odds on select sports events. While Fun88 does not currently offer any reward or loyalty freebies, customers can still take advantage of other promotions and freebies offered by the site.

Fun88 is still a well-liked option for sports  and casino gaming despite the absence of loyalty benefits because of its extensive assortment of games and sports markets, competitive odds, and user-friendly interface.

Fun88 Bonus FAQ

Is Fun88 legit?

Yes, Fun88 is a legitimate bookie. Owned by Welton Holdings Ltd, Fun88 is licensed and regulated by the AUGC, ensuring safety and fairness for players. The fact that Fun88 sponsors Newcastle United FC also adds to its credibility.

Does Fun88 have a Australia welcome offer?

Fun88’s Australia users are not currently eligible for any welcome freebies. However, they do provide additional incentives and prizes for both casino games and sports markets . We expect this bookie to roll out exciting welcome offer soonest.

Is there a Fun88 bonus code?

You don’t need a bonus code to access Fun88’s freebies directly on the bookie’s website. However, you could need a Fun88 promo code code if you are accessing these packages from a site that has an affiliate commission package with Fun88.

Does Fun88 have No-Deposit freebies and Free stakes?

Currently, there are no sportsbook bonus, casino no-deposit sign-up offers or free spins available at Fun88 for Australia users. They do, however, provide additional incentives and promotions for both casino games and sports markets (with associated min deposit requirements).

Does Fun88 have bonus offers for existing users?

Yes, there are lucrative Fun88 promotions for existing users. This promotion rewards players with an increased pay-out on accumulator stakes with four or more selections, making it a great way for existing customers to boost their winnings.

Most of these don’t need a code to claim your bonus. Commonly, you would just need to meet the min deposit and place the appropriated stake size to claim the bonus.

Can I Wager the Bonus on Any Sport?

This could change depending on the bonus or incentive that Fun88 is offering. While other promotions could let players use the bonus on any sport, certain promotions might be restricted to particular sports or events.

Studying any promotion’s terms and conditions is crucial to comprehend any limitations or prerequisites.

What payment methods are allowed?

Fun88 uses the Visa card as its only payment and withdrawal method. However, they have promised to add more payment options for their Australia users in the future.

What are the maximum and minimum deposit and withdrawal limits on Fun88?

Fun88 allows a minimum deposit amount of £10 and a maximum of £2,000. At the same time, the minimum withdrawal amount is £10. Note that payment method exclusions apply.

What are the maximum payout limits on Fun88?

The highest you can win daily on a football bet on Fun88 is £50,000. For virtual sports, it is £10,000 while it is £50,000 for casino games.

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